Come take a costume design workshop in our studio with Flora & Faun designer Mikaela Holmes! 
The right costume can give you superpowers, and allow you to explore a new side of yourself. Even better, when you learn to make your own costumes, you get to define who you are going to become, so come craft with us!
Next Workshop: contact me for availability
Illuminated headpieces are a beautiful accessory for festivals, costume parties, weddings and other events, and making them is is fun and easy with the right knowledge and tools.
In this hands-on 4 hour workshop, Mikaela will teach you some fun simple costume design techniques as you create your own version of this flower headpiece, and use wearable illumination to elegantly accentuate your design. You'll build a headband base and define your own aesthetic by choosing a color scheme and details. Walk away with a unique glowing costume piece, and the knowledge to keep creating your own designs!